Intimacy Dream Meaning

A couple stand with their foreheads together while watching the sun set.

Similar Dreams: Marriage, Rainbow

If you experience intimacy in your dream it could be a sign of many things.

The nature of the intimacy and who you are experiencing intimacy with will be very telling. Intimacy does not always refer to sex, either in the dream world or in waking life.

It does suggest a need or a desire to get closer to someone. Perhaps you are missing intimacy in your life, or long for intimacy with a specific person. It could be that you have too much intimacy in your life and you need to tone down in this area. Consequences of intimacy may appear in your dream then and this might be a message to you to slow down in this area.

Dreaming about being intimate with someone

A variety of intimacy dreams are highlighted below:

  • Dreaming about being intimate with a female:

This indicates that there you are in touch with your feminine side and are able to explore aspects of this energy, which includes your intuition, nurture, and ability to explore feelings.

  • Dreaming about being intimate with a male:

This indicates that you are in touch with your masculine side and are able to explore aspects of this energy, which includes action, power, and focus.

  • Dreaming about being intimate with someone nonbinary or genderfluid:

Positive changes are coming within your life. You have overcome the troubles in your life as you are in touch with who you truly are.

  • Dreaming about being intimate with someone you know in your waking life:

This could indicate that you are unconsciously attracted to this person or your subconscious mind is boosting your self-esteem by conjuring this type of dream.

  • Dreaming about being intimate with someone who is not your partner:

This indicates you are feeling neglected emotionally in your relationship and you feel they are not paying enough attention to you.

  • Dreaming about being intimate with the ‘perfect partner’:

If you dream of being intimate with someone you do not know but seems perfect for you - either making love, kissing, holding hands or having emotional discussions - this indicates a dream of wish fulfillment, reminding you that you should open up to the possibility of romance. This represents an unconscious desire to pair off with someone.

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  • Dreaming about being intimate with an ex-partner:

This is not usually a sign that you still have feelings for your ex or that you want to be back with them. This dream often highlights a desire to heal. Your subconscious mind may be highlighting your relationship with them during sleep so that it can work through the issues you need to resolve in order to move on with your life.

  • Dreaming about being intimate for the first time:

If you are a virgin, this dream may indicate anticipation or fear of losing your virginity. If, however, you are not a virgin, this dream points towards some kind of loss of innocence or someone in your life who wasn’t who you thought they were.

  • Dreaming about others watching you during intimacy:

If you dream you are being watched while being intimate with another, this can highlight real fears with sexual performance during waking life.

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Dreaming about emotional intimacy

Dreaming about being emotionally intimate with another - such as talking, spending time together, watching films together, holding hands - often points towards a desire in this area and a yearning to have emotional intimacy in your waking life.

If you are already in a relationship and having this dream, it may be pointing towards emotional neglect in your partnership. If single, it may be a sign that it’s time to get out and mingle!

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