Iron/Ironing Dream Meaning

An iron sits on a black background plugging into the wall.

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Hardly the most exciting of dreams, but then again, that’s exactly what this dream is trying to tell you!

If an iron or ironing shows up in your dream, it’s usually a sign that things have become dull and it’s time to spruce things up.

The symbol of an iron in your dream world is not the most common dream symbol but it is one that could reflect a specific area in your life. This symbol may be a reflection that things in your life are mundane, like the chore of ironing.

Or it could even be a suggestion that you could use a little mundane routine in your life if things are feeling particularly chaotic right now. Ironing also indicates there may be a problem with emotions and that they are being oppressed in some way.

Dreaming about Ironing

Unfortunately, this dream isn’t about iron the metal, it’s about the domestic task of steaming your clothes. The symbol of an iron in a dream often points towards strength, but it can also mean some kind of emotional coldness.

If you are ironing then it could be that you are trying to ‘smooth something over’ in your waking life.

The feeling you get while ironing also indicates how you feel about your current routine. Are you feeling bored or helpless? It could be that life has become very mundane and it’s time to try out something new in order to make things exciting again.

Ironing in your dream can signify that your emotions are not being given the attention they deserve. It could indicate repression of emotions, especially if being emotional does not fit with your work, career, or daily routine.

Emotions may be being sacrificed in order to keep things going with the routine.

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Dreaming of a Broken iron

If the iron in your dream is broken it indicates breaking free of the mundane - this is a good thing!

This dream signifies that you are, or will be, breaking loose of the chains that bind you. You may come across a new hobby that brings you excitement, or you may find yourself embarking on a new adventure that makes you feel alive again.

Dreaming of Burning Yourself While Ironing

This fiery experience is often a warning dream that your routine is having a detrimental effect on your emotional and mental well-being.

This dream indicates that staying too long in this routine may have long-term damage to you. There may be a repression of emotions that will inevitably implode or explode in some way.

This dream is encouraging you to pay close attention to your emotions and not to bury them.

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