Jack O’ Lantern

This may sound like an odd one, but believe it or not, Jack O’ Lanterns are very common dream symbols. If you have ever dreamed of one and wondered why, the reason often has to do with reasons associated with Halloween. Of course what you are doing with the Jack O’ Lantern in your dream will provide symbolism and meaning as well. A Jack O’ Lantern that appears on its own in your dream is a suggestion of a spirit that is around you, but not necessarily an evil one.

Pay attention to the feelings in your dreams associated with the spirit that arrives in Jack O’ Lantern form. You may even know it is a spirit Jack O’ Lantern when it arrives, but simply need the validation that yes, you are being visited by someone that you love or know. If you are carving the Jack O’ Lantern in your dream, the interpretation changes somewhat. In this case, as you are physically altering the pumpkin, this suggests that you are putting a brave face on for something. Or, a happy face, or a mean face, whatever the expression is that you are carving, this is the face you are trying to put on in life. The dream then is suggesting that you simply be yourself, and not try so hard to be something else because…you’re awesome!