Jar Dream Meaning

A jar is a very common dream symbol, and Freudian analysis would suggest that this is a symbol of a womb in your dream. This can also symbolize fertility issues in general, or can imply that you are seeking protection in some area of your life. If something happens to a jar in your dream, if it is shaken for example, this could suggest experiences in your life right now. Are you feeling “shaken up” about something for example? The dream could be validating that, or pointing out that this experience is on its way to you.

Interestingly enough, the kind of jar that you see in your dream will also have a significant meaning. If it is a honey jar specifically, the jar represents someone who is sweet on you, or sweet to you, or sweet with you. Someone may have a crush on you without you even realizing it, and this showing up in your dream could point you in the direction of a new love. You may also see someone coming to you in a dream, with a jar. This implies that someone is coming to you to bring safety or respite from a current situation.

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