Jeans Dream Meaning

Jeans are another very common dream symbol, and as much as they mean the same thing for everyone, they also mean something different for everyone. Why? We all have our own unique ideas on what jeans mean to us in our daily lives. Some of us can’t live without our favorite pair. Others are restricted by them, and there are people who don’t even own a pair. When you see jeans in your dream, the message is about confirming what jeans mean to you.

Are you tied up in a formal and restricted way of life and need to revert back to your old standbys? Do you need to put a more casual approach on to the situation at hand? If the jeans in your dream feel too tight or feel constricting, then there may be an area of your life that is leaving you feeling stifled. Seeing jeans could also imply that you simply aren’t being formal enough in some area of your

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