Journey Dream Meaning

A picture of the road ahead at sunset.

Similar Dreams: Travel, Vacation, Luggage

A journey in a dream is a symbol of travel and possibly of adventure in your waking life.

With journey dreams, it is important to remember that these dreams often signify a journey taken in your inner world. It is often a reflection of spiritual growth and the lessons learned along the way.

If you are involved in a journey in your dream, your unconscious could be telling you that you need to take a journey, emotional or physical, in some way in your waking life. It could be the foretelling of the future as well, and you may be making travel plans for yourself or your family soon.

The details surrounding the journey will help you determine what journey you will be taking in life. Is it with someone from work? Are you alone? Are you relocating jobs? Homes? Are you simply going on vacation? Where do you need a break most in your life? The journey in your dream will tell you precisely what that answer is.

Journey dreams can relate to the spiritual or physical.

Dreaming About Setting Out On A Journey

If you dream you are setting out on a journey, this indicates that you are about to embark on a significant quest regarding your spiritual journey.

This type of dream indicates a new chapter is beginning in your life and you are encouraged to go with the flow and not overthink what is going to happen.

This dream may be accompanied by fear, but this fear is your subconscious highlighting to you the challenges and obstacles that may arise, so that you are better-equipped to expect it when the time comes.

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Dreaming About The Path Of Your Journey

The shape of your path as you tread your journey is significant and often relates to a goal you are trying to achieve. Below are some meanings which can give you greater insight:

  • Dreaming about a straight path: If the path is straight, the route to your goal is a relatively easy one. You are unlikely to encounter many obstacles as you set out on your journey of transformation in your waking life.
  • Dreaming about a twisted path: If the path has many twists and turns and you end up getting lost along the way, this indicates the journey in your waking life will have many challenges and can be frustrating and slow.
  • Dreaming about roadblocks: If you encounter blocks on your paths, like big stones or random walls, there is an obstacle in your life that is blocking you from beginning your new journey in the waking world.
  • Dreaming about walking backward: If you dream that you keep walking backward on your path, this is a serious warning from your subconscious that you are running away from your soul journey. It is a wake-up call to face issues in your waking life that are hindering your progress.

Dreaming About Following Footsteps On Your Journey

If you dream that you are following someone’s footsteps as you are on your dream journey, this is an indication that someone has influenced you in your waking life and you wish to be like them.

You may be influenced by this person’s actions, words, or conviction and you have an innate desire to follow in their footsteps and reach similar goals as they have achieved.

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