Juggling Dream Meaning

A person juggling during the sunset.

Similar Dreams: Keys, Kaleidoscope, Olympics

Juggling in dreams is a very common dream symbol - and very rarely a suggestion that you are about to join the circus!

The symbol of juggling indicates that issues, people, or circumstances in your life may be taking their toll on you. You may be trying to do too many things at once.

As such, this type of dream - unless accompanied by positive feelings - is a warning that you have overstretched and overestimated yourself, and your mental and physical self cannot cope with the strain.

Dreaming About Juggling With Negative Feelings Attached

If you are juggling in your dream then you may also probably associate negative feelings with it.

In this case, the juggling refers to you being overloaded in your waking life at this point in time. It might be time to drop one of the balls you have been dealing with in order to create more room for freedom and get rid of stress.

This type of dream indicates that you are being burdened with too much and your body is trying to reach out to you to let you know it’s time to relieve some of the burdens.

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Dreaming About Juggling With Positive Feelings Attached

When positive feelings are associated with juggling, very often some changes in life such as added responsibilities at work, an elevation of a current relationship, and life chances of this nature are going to happen for you in a very exciting way.

Things are about to change for you - for the better. You may be coming out of a slump or stagnant period of your life where nothing was moving and you did not know which direction to turn in.

Feeling happy or bright while juggling indicates things are about to speed up and life is set to become more exciting again.

Dreaming About Dropping Your Juggling Balls

If you dream you are juggling and keep dropping your balls, this dream is a warning that your routine and lifestyle are on the verge of collapse.

You may be taking too many things on at once and overestimated yourself. This type of dream can be likened to the 10 of Wands in the Tarot, which depicts someone who has too many wands on his back and has taken on the lion’s share.

This type of dream is a message to you, encouraging you to unload some of the weight on your shoulders or risk mental or physical collapse.

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