Jury Dream Meaning

cA jury of peers watch a defendant speak in a court room.

Similar Dreams: Imprisonment, Waiting, Man, Woman, News

If a jury appears in your dream, then chances are you are feeling judged by someone.

This could be your primary partner, your lover, a friend, or even your work cohorts. Either way, you may be actually experiencing this form of judgement, or you may be simply having some manifestations of insecurities about being judged or assessed by your peers.

Are you in a situation where you feel “on display”? Are you involved with something that is against the law, or you feel you may be judged for? A dream about juries often means you feel you are being tried and condemned - often unfairly.

Dreaming About Being On A Jury

Perhaps you are a member of the jury in court. In this case, maybe you are judging someone, and you would need to examine the details surrounding that event. Are you judging them unfairly? Are you being too hard on them? Are you being too easy on them?

How the jury plays out in your dream will give you clues on their overall purpose in your dream.

Being on a jury also indicates that you are feeling under obligation in your waking life to ‘go with the crowd’ and your subconscious is asking you to question whether you are doing what you feel is right, or if you are going along with others out of fear of being disliked or cold-shouldered.

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Dreaming About Being On Trial

This type of dream depends entirely on how you perceive your own innocence.

If you are being judged by a jury, it could mean that you are feeling guilt for something you have done in your waking life.

If, however, you feel you are being judged unfairly for something, it could mean that you have been the victim of some kind of injustice and you are not getting the justice you deserve.

You may be being judged by people close to you or people who don’t even know you. Pay attention to who is sitting on the jury. If there is someone you know, then it is important to assess your relationship with them and how they make you feel.

Dreaming About Seeing A Jury

If you dream that you are watching a jury judging someone else, this can indicate peer pressure.

You may feel that others do not understand you or that you are being pressured to go with a decision that you do not agree with.

Consider how you feel in this dream. If there is a sense of fear or apprehension, it may be time to assess what path you truly wish to make. If this involves going against the grain then it is a decision you will want to think long and hard about.

Remember, a jury dream can often indicate there is too much judgement in your life and not enough empathy. Either you may be the one judging others, or others are judging you. Take note of the circumstances and people in your dream to assess the root of this judgement.

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