Kaleidoscope Dream Meaning

Very often we have dream images that represent a myriad of colours or images that swirl in a circle in the way you see images on a kaleidoscope. Carl Jung would refer to these kaleidoscopes as “Mandelas”, and they are a very common dream symbol, but most people don’t use the word Mandela. If a kaleidoscope appears in your dream, pay very close attention to the fragments of information that are found in every single shade, facet, and character of the colours. If you look very closely, you will see different variables that are related to the dream situation at hand. You can also meditate on a kaleidoscope in your waking life if you dream of one, and the images will appear then as well.

This is a very exciting dream symbol, even though to many it feels ominous. The message behind this dream symbol is that all of the facets and variables of your life that you can see in this kaleidoscope are coming together in a very beautiful way. This is a symbol that says your hard work is paying off. If some foreboding images appear in your kaleidoscope, pay attention to those as well. Those could be foretelling of who or what will be trying to stop you in your efforts to reach your goals.

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