Kaleidoscope Dream Meaning

A person looking through kaleidoscope glasses.

Similar Dreams: Rainbow, Karma, Painting, Voyeurism

This is a very exciting dream symbol, even though to many it feels ominous.

Carl Jung would refer to these kaleidoscopes as “Mandelas”, and they are a very common dream symbol, but most people don’t use the word ‘Mandela’.

The message behind this dream symbol is that all of the facets and variables of your life that you can see in this kaleidoscope are coming together in a very beautiful way.

This is a symbol that says your hard work is paying off.

Dreaming about seeing a kaleidoscope

If a kaleidoscope appears in your dream, pay very close attention to the fragments of information that are found in every single shade, facet, and character of the colors.

How does it make you feel? The feeling associated with it indicates how you will soon feel about the hard work you have been putting into some area of your life.

If you look very closely, you will see different variables that are related to the dream situation at hand. You can also meditate on a kaleidoscope in your waking life if you dream of one, and the images will appear then as well.

Seeing a kaleidoscope is a positive symbol and indicates that everything is coming together nicely in your waking life.

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Dreaming about negative images in a kaleidoscope

If some foreboding images appear in your kaleidoscope, pay attention to those as well. Those could be foretelling of who or what will be trying to stop you in your efforts to reach your goals.

This can be an indication that a person or situation is going to hinder you in your efforts. This stress-type dream is usually a warning of some kind telling you to be vigilant.

Dreaming about a broken kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope that is broken or faulty in some way can point to a failure of some kind. You may not achieve the results you are hoping for.

However, this does not mean you should give up. It could simply mean that you need to rethink your strategy or make some changes so that you can ‘put the pieces back together’ so to speak.

A broken kaleidoscope can also indicate feelings within you that are being stifled due to concentrating too hard on one area of your life. This could be work, a relationship, or anything that you are striving towards. Pay attention to your feelings. Are there any that are being repressed in your waking life as you strive towards your goals?

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