Kangaroo Dream Meaning

A kangaroo is a very interesting and common dream symbol as well, and a confusing one for many because they are usually only found at the zoo or in a very specific part of the world. So most of us don’t see them in real life too often, if ever, and would not know how to relate a kangaroo to our waking life. But many of us do see them in our dreams. If you do see one, and you can visibly see the kangaroo pouch, this is a symbol of your maternal instinct coming through. It could even be suggesting that you or your partner is about to become pregnant, or you already are and you just don’t know it yet. The details in your dream will help you sort that issue out.

Another possible meaning is that this symbol represents your maternal or your paternal instinct. You may be feeling very protective of someone around you, or you may be soon involved in a situation where you will be. If the kangaroo in your dream is hurting you, or trying to, the message is that someone in your life that should be protecting you, is not doing a very good job at that. This could even be foretelling a situation where your reputation will be in jeopardy.

If your kangaroo is hopping in your dream, your dream is sending you the message that you need to settle down on a decision, a commitment, or stick to one thing. Maybe you are going between lovers or jobs when you see a kangaroo hop into your dream world? The message is, pick one, as the hopping is keeping you from your happiness.

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