Karma Dream Meaning

The notion of karma is one that has entered everyday vernacular and global consciousness. We are all talking about it, all the time. So it is no surprise when some element of karma appears in your dream. Perhaps you are hoping an enemy will “get theirs”, or perhaps you are waiting for your own karma to boomerang back. If you see some message of karma in your dream, the message is, karma is being restored. In other words, either your good karma is about to pay off, or someone else’s bad karma is catching up to them. It’s always a wonderful relief to have this validated, because it strengthens our walk of faith.

If you spend your life always being the bigger person, you are bound to have human feelings of resentment and bitterness as if it never pays off. If so, the word or karma symbol in your dream will be a token of faith to keep you going. You will either see the word karma appear in your dream, or see some symbol of karma in your dream like an actual boomerang. If you are questioning whether or not a ubiquitous symbol of karma has appeared in your dream, then it hasn’t. When it appears, you will know, and receive all of the validation that you need to keep pushing on.

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