Letter ‘X’ Dream Meaning

A blue neon X sign sits surrounded by darkness.

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X marks the spot! But, what does that spot mean? What lies beyond the dream symbols we see?

The alphabet can take on a new meaning in dreams. Seeing the letter “X” in your dream is a very common and symbolic occurrence. It actually appears more than any other letter because of its powerful significance in our dream world.

Dreaming of Seeing The Letter X

Seeing the letter X often represents something forbidden or hidden. This can apply to any aspect of our lives and often it is suggested that you explore where you see the X.

This hidden element is symbolic of a situation in your life that you either have been kept out of or do not see the full picture in. You must investigate to find the X on the map.

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Dreaming of Following The Letter X

When you see the letter X from a distance in a dream, you may want to examine the multiple layers involved before coming to any foregone conclusions. You may feel the desire to follow it and this is the intention of the dream.

Seeing an X in your dream signifies that your goals and dreams are within reach and that you will be rewarded once you reach them.

We also see X’s on treasure maps to denote where rewards or treasures are located, so an “X” in your dream could be pointing you to a great treasure or reward, and likely one that you have not yet considered. If you see an “X” in your dream, pay very close attention if you can to the details around it. What is that “X” trying to point your attention to?

Romance & The Letter X Dreams

On the lighter end, the letter “X” also represents kisses in the waking world so look for love signs when this letter appears for you. These additional details in your dream will help you determine if “X” in your dream is symbolic of intimacy or kissing.

Depending on the themes of the dream, a stressful or nightmare-type dream involving an “X” might occur if something is about to exit from your life, such as a person. Or it may appear in a situation or near a person to denote the forbidden. If for example, you are dating someone you probably shouldn’t be, you may see them appear in your dream near the “X” to denote the forbidden. In these cases, the “X” appearing would be symbolic of things you may want to consider removing from your life.

Numerology & The Letter X

Similar to the synchronicities you would experience with repeating numbers. When seeing repeating letters in dreams, you may want to look into the number associated with the letter and what the numerological meaning is.

Example Number-To-Letter Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9




In this case, the corresponding number to X is 7 when looking at a number-to-letter chart (used for sigils and numerology conversion) or 24th (simplified to 6) within the 26 letter alphabet. Want more? Look to the numbers 6 and 7 in Numerology for more information on your dreams.

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