Luggage Dream Meaning

Dreaming about luggage is a latent exploration of your own emotional baggage. Thus it is very important to closely examine the other details in a dream that contains luggage in order to truly understand what the luggage symbol is trying to tell you. Is the luggage standing alone? Is it being held by someone? Is it open? Is it closed? Are you carrying the luggage? Is someone else carrying it?

If the luggage itself is not a sign of your own personal “baggage”, the symbol in your dream may be a message that something is hidden from you. You may need to open up a few issues in your life and look inside to see what you can’t see right now. There could be a secret or a surprise in store for you as well, the “hidden thing” is not necessarily a bad thing. In the literal sense, dreaming of luggage could suggest that you are about to take a trip that requires luggage.

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