Marbles Dream Meaning

Marbles are a game from childhood and one that is enjoyed all over the world. If you see marbles in your dream you could be reverting back to some fond childhood memories. This is the case even if you never played marbles as a child. Consider the position of the marbles in your dream. You could be receiving a message about how you “play” in the real world and what kind of stakes you play with when you interact with others.

You also want to pay attention to who is playing the marbles with you in your dream if there is a game in play. Perhaps you are just seeing a marble or a series of marbles in your dream and there is no game playing involved. This then could simply be the image of the perfect circle appearing at the most appropriate juncture in your dream world. If all things are coming “full circle” in your life, consider this the omen your dream is trying to tell you.

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