Marriage Dream Meaning

A marriage in our waking life is a symbol of a new beginning, and this is often what marriage in your dream means as well. If it is not you getting married in your dream, then you may be attending a wedding in your waking life in the near future. Or there may simply be someone in your waking life that will be inviting you to their wedding. A marriage also represents transitions and harmony. So if you are experiencing problems in your relationships, or even your friendships, in your waking life, a marriage in your dream will foretell of an anticipated transition for the better. Things are about to balance themselves out, and reach a point of harmony and balance in the very near future.

Are you the one proposing or initiating the marriage? You may need to be the one that makes a bold move in your life in order to initiate this cycle of harmony and balance. Marriages are always about transitions and new beginnings. So if you see this experience in your dream, know that transitions and new beginnings in your waking life will unfold in the near future. Details, timing, seasons, and feelings will all help you determine when and how this will happen. Pay attention to as many details as you can in your dream to uncover how this marriage will manifest in your waking life.

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