Name Dream Meaning

Hearing a name in a dream is a very powerful experience, especially if it is your own name. Dreaming that you forget your name is also very common, and can leave to some unsettling feelings upon wakeup. If you dream that you forget your name, there is a chance that you are travelling to a past life time of yours, where you had a different name. It can also suggest that you are feeling burdened in this lifetime, and are looking for an escape from your identity.

To hear your name in a dream is a very powerful symbol that shows how in touch you are with your own spirituality. It could even be your twin flame or a soul connection trying to talk to you in this lifetime using dreams as the channel. Sometimes we see names written down in dreams as well, ours or someone else’s. Pay attention then to the details around that as you are being sent a unique message about someone specific in this case.

A dream where you are referred to as something other than your current name suggests a lifetime travelling experience, or a situation where you don’t want your true identity revealed in this lifetime for a specific reason, such as a pen name or ghost writing for example.

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