Narrow Dream Meaning

A narrow alleyway in Europe.

Similar Dreams: Journey, Escape, Zipper, Race, Home

To dream of something narrow is often a warning of some sort and you are being asked to pay attention to an important issue in your waking life.

Seeing things get narrow in a dream is also a very powerful experience. If you are dreaming in an experience that suddenly gets narrow, pay attention to what is happening around you. Your subconscious in this case is trying to hone your eye in on a very specific detail. Alternatively, you may be feeling restricted or confined in some area of your life.

You may be in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, or even in the wrong home if you experience this in a dream. When you experience a narrowing of sorts in a dream, it usually means one of two things: You need to open your funnel vision to hone in on some details or examine the big picture a little more closely.

Dreaming About Narrow Walls

To dream that walls are closing in on you often highlights restrictions that are being placed on you in your waking life.

There may be some area of your life that you feel your freedom of expression is being stifled. This type of dream can be very frightening because it can lead to suffocation or being crushed.

This type of dream is often your subconscious’ way of letting you know that you are not able to fully express who you truly are or your voice is being stifled in some way.

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Dreaming About Narrow Roads

Dreaming about roads that become gradually more narrow highlights that the path you are on may lead to restrictions and obstacles further down the line.

Pay close attention to your feelings during this dream as they will provide you with a deeper meaning behind your dream and enable you to see things a bit clearer.

If the roads are also foggy or it is hard to see, this is a clear warning from your subconscious to reconsider the path you have chosen in your waking life.

Dreaming About A Narrow Road Widening

If on the opposite end of the spectrum, you dream you are on a narrow road and it begins to widen, it indicates that you are in the process of being freed from your obstruction or restriction.

This is a positive dream as it highlights that things are going to improve for you and you will no longer feel bound by the restrictions that others have placed on you, or that you have placed upon yourself.

This can refer to your mental, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being - or some or all of them.

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