Near-Death Experience Dream Meaning

A person starring at paint handprints all over a wall in the color black. Representing a struggle and out-of-body experience.

Similar Dreams: Death, Ghosts, Tombstone, Divine Communication

A near-death experience is a very powerful experience when it happens to you in your waking life and is often life-changing when it happens.

When it occurs in your dream life, its importance is not diminished. There are several possible meanings for this.

One of them is that you are experiencing a significant transformation in your real life, one so huge that you will come out of it a completely different person. The old you is dying, and a new you will emerge.

This is also a very suggestive symbol of a past life regression. There may be karmic lessons to be learned and you are at a crucial turning point in your life when this dream crops up.

Dreaming About Having A Near-Death Experience

If you have a near-death experience in a dream it can be stressful, you could be using your dreams as a portal to connect to another lifetime or revisit memories from a lifetime. Sometimes this is even a visit to your next lifetime.

Another common example is that you are going back to an old way of life, rather than rebirthing one. You may be revisiting old habits, like smoking or something of that sort.

You may also be given a message that you are about to have a second chance at something. If your relationship survives a huge trauma, for example, you may experience a near-death dream experience as the signal that your relationship will be near death, but will ultimately survive in the long run.

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Dreaming About Someone Else Having A Near-Death Experience

If you dream that someone you know has a near-death experience, then it indicates that this person is going to undergo a significant transformation in their life.

The fact you are dreaming of it may mean that you are going to play an important role in this transformation and it may be your subconscious’ way of preparing for what is to come.

A Lucid Near-Death Experience Dream

Sometimes, a near-death experience in a dream is a lucid dream.

This means that you have control over the experience and may find yourself outside of your body - for example, you may be fully aware in the dream that you are in control and you choose to fly towards the scorching sun where you almost be burned to death.

This type of dream is rarer but very powerful. It is an indication that major transformation is occurring in your life but you are on the right soul path.

This type of dream often indicates a difficult change and one that will be very challenging for you. But the lucidity of the dream highlights that you are more than capable of facing what is to come.

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