News Dream Meaning

A person sitting with their morning coffee and a newspaper.

Similar Dreams: Radio, Page/Paper, Yesterday

Dreaming about the news is a very common occurrence, particularly since the Age of Aquarius has brought us the news almost everywhere we go.

Most of the time if you dream that you are watching or hearing the news, it could just be what Sigmund Freud referred to as “day residue.”

This is simply a part of your actual day just creeping into your dream to remind you of what you did that day or the big news that meant something to you that day. It is a very common occurrence with the news.

Dreaming of The News and COVID-19

With our eyes glued to the news due to COVID-19, it is not uncommon to dream about breaking news. Every day there is new news about masks, vaccines, and the curve.

If you’ve been finding yourself doomscrolling, this kind of dream is to be expected. As we sleep, our brain is trying to process all the information that has overloaded our brains. So if you are having this kind of dream, you may take this as a sign that it is time to take some time away from social media and the news for some de-stressing and mental relaxation.

However, it can also have deeper meanings.

Dreaming About Watching The News

Dreaming of watching the news may be a sign that you need to be slightly more objective regarding a specific situation in your life.

Maybe pull yourself back from a situation and “report” on it to yourself to see that you have all of the facts straight.

In some cases, this could be a little foreshadowing in your life, especially if you have a public job or social status that would put you in the news.

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Dreaming About An Unusual News Story

If it is an unusual news story that stands out in your dream, pay close attention to the details in that story, the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

When you pick those details apart you will likely discover why you experienced this dream symbol. This is a dream which is unique to everyone so it is important to analyze it upon waking.

For example, if you see someone you know on the news caught in a scandal it could mean that this person is hiding something or feels guilty about something they have done in waking life.

Dreaming About Passing A Newsstand

If you dream of walking past a newsstand or a bulletin flashes out to you then pay attention to the headlines that grab your attention.

The clue is in the headline itself and it likely has special meaning for you at this time. Your subconscious is trying to grab your attention and, as it is with the news in real life, the best way it feels it can do it is by throwing a specific set of words in your face!

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