Oars and generally symbols that have anything to do with water can be very powerful dream symbols. Water in dreams symbolizes your emotional state, so if oars and water are combined together in a dream, know that your emotions are also a part of the dream meaning. If you are using the oars yourself in your dream, then you are showing a deep control over your emotional state, and you may want to loosen your grip on that if you are looking to elevate your emotional attachments.

On the other hand, if you are using the oars, this also demonstrates how capable you are of navigating life based on your emotional experiences. Another thing to consider when you see oars in a dream is how fast they are moving. Are you using them quickly and energetically? This could suggest you need to tackle a situation in your life with some more aggression or energy. If you only have one oar in your dream, the message could be that you need to seek assistance from an outside or third party to get where you want to go in life. This may also suggest that you are missing a romantic partner, either someone you know or someone that you don’t know yet. Look for the second oar in your dream if this is the case, and this will show you where to find them.