Overweight Dream Meaning

A person steps on a scale representing a weight change.

Similar Dreams: Man, Woman, Underwear, Mask

Dreaming about a sudden change in your size is very common. It often suggests that you are not comfortable with something about yourself in the real world.

All bodies are beautiful, and our weight does not automatically represent our health or our stories, so don’t automatically take this dream as something negative or bad.

There are variations of how this dream of growth, change, and acceptance is viewed depending on our personal situations and dream details. Just know that this dream is a lesson that can lead you to positive outcomes.

Gaining Some Weight in A Dream

The of the more positive interpretation of this type of dream is if you are actively gaining weight in a dream, this often is a sign of prosperity. Whether this is monetary, spiritual, or personal, this dream is a sign that positive growth is coming your way.

Even if you have negative associations with how your body is changing, this is still a dream that shows that you are about to gain something.

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Dreaming That You Have Put On A Lot of Weight

If you have gained lots of weight and are now experiencing it in your dream, the message could be that of self-control and overindulgence.

There is an area of your life that you need to scale back on or put more effort into, depending on your current situation. If you feel that you have not been putting enough time into the things that matter to you, this dream will often appear.

This dream tells you that this is no longer healthy for you and that you have to focus on regaining self-discipline in order to find happiness in your daily life.

For example, if you haven’t been focusing on your career while working from home and it’s beginning to affect your performance and reputation. This dream will appear to remind you that while resting is good, too much rest leads to us slacking in our responsibilities.

Dreaming That Your Clothes No Longer Fit

Maybe a pair of jeans or a hat is too tight in a dream. This symbolizes our insecurity about how people perceive us, as clothing is often used to convey our status, authority, and personality. Low self-esteem may be the message as well if you dream of being overweight.

If this dream occurs, you may also be trying to put a few layers of insulation around your personality or other parts of you that make you feel unworthy or undeserving.

For example, you may think that you aren’t smart enough due to imposter syndrome, so this dream would appear to represent your attempt to change yourself or fit in beyond the boundaries you set for yourself.

The message could be showing you ways to get yourself out of this situation.

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