Office Dream Meaning

People working in a startup office.

Similar Dreams: Unemployed, Home, Vacation

Dreaming about an office is certainly not uncommon, especially if you work in an office. This is often an experience that Sigmund Freud referred to as “day residue.” So if you see your actual work office show up in your dream, it can often be a result of spending your day working in an office or at home.

But if some strange things from work start to show up in your dream, and they seem skewed, or out of place, or appearing in a strange order, this is a message that you need to look closer at your work goals and situation.

If something is out of order, it could be that you have outgrown your current position. The more unfamiliar your office feels to you, the stronger the message that you may want to consider removing yourself from this situation or start looking for other options in work.

Dreaming About Performing Mindless Tasks

If you dream about performing mindless or boring tasks in your dream then you may feel that you are being demanded too much of in your waking life.

You may feel that your boss or colleagues in your real-life job are putting too much pressure on you and it may be a sign from your subconscious that you are no longer happy in your place of work.

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Dreaming About Your Real-Life Colleagues

If you dream about your real-life colleagues this could simply be highlighting a preoccupation with your work in general.

Pay attention to your feelings in this dream. Do you feel happy or sad about them? Sometimes, duty and obligations get in the way of personal feelings, but if you are dreaming about your colleagues at this time, it is your subconscious’ way of trying to draw your attention to your feelings about them.

You may want to investigate your compatibility with these coworkers in order to decipher what the dream means for you.

Dreaming About Feeling Crowded By Office Equipment

If in your dream you are feeling crowded by colleagues, computers, laptops, and other things, and you feel you have no space to yourself, it can indicate there are a myriad of problems in your waking life and they are threatening to overwhelm you.

Conversely, if you dream that your office is completely deserted it can highlight there is an emotional emptiness you are experiencing in your life.

This can tune into your wants and hopes for your career and is a good starting point for researching and asking for what you want in your professional development. Maybe you think you deserve a promotion or a raise, or maybe you are getting buried from all the work getting thrown at you. This dream will help point you in the right career direction.

Dreaming About Storing Files Into A Cabinet

While this may seem like a simple enough action, in a dream it takes on an entirely new meaning.

Dreaming about filing away documents in a dream can mean you are being encouraged by your subconscious to store memories that are irrelevant in your waking life.

Most likely, these memories are holding you back from moving forward.

This dream can also be your subconscious’ way of encouraging you to restore order to your life. This is more likely to be the meaning if things have been chaotic and hectic for you lately.

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