Olympics Dream Meaning

Dreaming about the Olympics is not all that uncommon. The reason for this is because this is a global symbol, it is something that every country recognizes. If you dream of the Olympics, or a symbol of the Olympics, the energy of competition may be entering your life, or may be in your life right now. This also can represent your desire to be the very best in the world of the job you own right now, and you may not even be an athlete. You may be about to enter a competition. Or, you may be given the suggestion that entering a competition would assist you in your career or professional goals.

Sometimes this symbol also symbolizes unity and the coming together of people. So if you are having some problems in your world between people, politics, or drama, you may see this symbol appear in your dream as a sign that the unity that is needed for success is on its way. Or, that you need to work to create the unity that will bring peace to your current state of mind.

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