Page Dream Meaning

Seeing pieces of paper or pages of a book, or a page of a notepad, or a page of any sort in a dream is a very common dream symbol. One of the reasons is that paper and pages are one of the only forms of communication that has been around since almost the beginning of time. So this is a symbol that goes back thousands of years, as an iconic dream moment. When you see a page of anything in your dream, try and hone in on as much detail as possible.

Of course it would be wonderful if you could see the words on the page as well, but remembering dream content isn’t always as idyllic as we wish it to be. If you can see the words, likely the message of this dream is found in there. But if you can’t, pay very close attention to other details in the dream, such as people in the dream, or even a sense of someone in your life around you in this dream.

A page whether that is in a book or a piece of paper, or an employee of the government delivering pieces of paper, is always a message bearer in some way. So when you see a page in your dream, expect a message to manifest in your waking life, or experiences to follow in your waking life that embody the message of this page.

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