Painting Dream Meaning

Art is a very common dream metaphor, and this means that creating it as well. If painting occurs in your dream world in some sense, expect creativity to play a role in your waking life. The message may even simply be that you may need to be more creative. Sometimes a painting on a wall is shown to us in a dream, and if this happens try and recall as much detail about the painting as you can, as important information will be found there.

If it is a domestic kind of painting, such as changing the colour of your bedroom or your home, a little change in your life may be needed to get you out of a rut. If you are doing the actual painting, either in an artistic message or even in your home, the message often is that some creativity will get you out of your current situation. This message would be follow your heart, and feel and create your way towards a solution, rather than trying to think your way out of it.

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