Palm Dream Meaning

A person holds their palm flat and upwards on a white background.

Similar Dreams: Hair, Intimacy, X-Ray, Pain

If you see the symbol of a palm appear in your dream, there are many possible interpretations.

Palms are mysterious things and palm-reading is an ancient practice of divination that goes back hundreds of years.

To see a palm in your dream can have a variety of interpretations but it will always point to a deeper meaning within yourself. Divination is the art of diving into the subconscious and making sense of what is found there. The palm is a tool to do this.

Dreaming About Your Own Palm

If it is your palm in the dream, this could be representing your ability to be open with others and is validating that this trait of yours is helping you succeed in life.

Alternatively, if you are not an open and trusting person, the palm in your dream could be suggesting you need to consider opening yourself up and perhaps being a little more generous in your life.

Dreaming of your own palm could also be an indication that you are the one in control of the situation in your dream. Very often we allow our anxieties to be the decision-makers in our life, and a palm in your dream is telling you to let those go as you are more in control than you think.

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Dreaming About Your Palm Lines

If you have a dream about your palm lines, this indicates that you are worried about the future. Try to see which palm lines are changing - for example your head line - and you can associate them with your real-life questions and worries.

If you see your lines changing, this is an indication that the change that you have been waiting for is right in front of you. This dream suggests that you take fate into your own hands and go forth with your opportunity or plan.

Your Hands and Fingers

If your hands or fingers are changing around your palm in a dream, you may want to look into how you have evolved. This dream suggests that we have grown a lot, but have not taken the time to appreciate our growth and the hardships we have overcome. Take some time in your waking life to appreciate this.

Dreaming About Someone Else’s Palm

If it is someone else’s palm that you are seeing in your dream, it could very well be that someone is about to lend a helping hand to you that will help you in your current situation.

It can also indicate that the person whose palm you see is going to have a significant impact and influence in your life in the future.

Dreaming About Having Your Palm Read

If you dream you are having your palm read or anything to do with palmistry, then it indicates all the knowledge you seek is in your own hands.

This dream also indicates a need to concentrate on your current life plans and ambitions and the determination you have to get where you want to be. This type of dream is often a good omen that things are going well for you and you are on the right path.

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