Paralysis Dream Meaning

Paralysis or the feeling that you are paralysed in a sleep or dream state is a state felt by almost every single human, but not as many of us remember this experience. If you have experienced a feeling of paralysis while you were sleeping, that is because you actually were. This happens to us every single night when we sleep, as we enter the deepest phase of sleep called REM, our brain tells our body to slow down to a point of near paralysis and immobility, so as not to disrupt our brain waves during this very important period of sleep.

So if you have experienced this dream symbol, then you are experiencing something actually happening to you in that moment. This is almost a lucid dreaming state, because you are both awake and asleep at the same time. You want to pay very close attention to what else you are experiencing in that moment, because your subconscious has ensured you are conscious of this paralysis for a very important reason. The message is around you if you play close enough attention. Sometimes meditation can help to recall dream events and details, especially in the dreams where paralysis is involved.

You may also be feeling a little constricted or unable to control events in your waking life, in which case this will also manifest as the paralysis in your dream. You may need to cut out things in your waking life that are leaving you feeling trapped or pinned down. Expressing what you are experiencing to those in your life is a perfect way to come out of this experience of paralysis, in both dream and waking states.

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