Quarry Dream Meaning

A quarry is a very common dream symbol, and it is also a very powerful wish symbol. So whether you see one in your dream or in waking life, know that you get a wish just for seeing it. In a dream however as much as it may represent a wish, it also represents something missing from your life. You may see a quarry in your dream for example after a pet passes on, for example. If there are other people in your life and in your dream when you see the quarry, the message could be that you have dug yourself into a bit of a hole with the people involved. Maybe a partnership has ended and you are looking for a way to fill that missing part of you, or maybe this hole represents the communication gap in between you.

Most of the time we know what the quarry represents when we experience it, as the people related to our waking life will also be present. When this is not the case however, a quarry in a dream represents something missing. In some cases you might see someone or something on the other end to give you hope that this loss and pain will not be felt for very long. In any event, you still can make a wish in your dream on the quarry as this loss is rewarded by a wish from the universe when you come across a quarry.

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