Queen Dream Meaning

A queen appearing in your dream is a very powerful dream symbol. Queens in our waking life represent power, and so matters related to power could be entering your life. If you are a woman you may be about to become the queen of someone’s world, or the queen of your domestic domain. If you are a man, you may be about to make someone the centre of your universe.

Queens are also very symbolic as mother figures, and so if matters related to your mother are present in your life, you may see this symbol appear in your dream. In this sense, queens can also represent pregnancies. If there are many queens in your dream, and this definitely can happen, the message is that a number of people, probably women or with feminine energy, are involved in the situation in your life that you are currently working through.

Sometimes dreaming you are the queen in your dream simply symbolizes your desire to experience power and success in your life. Sometimes this also means that someone who is homosexual may be coming out in your life. The message can sometimes be that you need to listen to your people around you, rather than worrying about how to rule them and overtake them in status.

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