Quicksand Dream Meaning

Quicksand is a very common dream symbol as well, and many of us can relate to the feeling of falling into it in our dream, and being unable to get out. The most common interpretation for this dream symbol is that you are feeling insecure about some area of your life. You may feel like you are underwater financially, or that you are about to lose a relationship and it is beyond your control. It is possible that you have misjudged your life in some way, that you thought your foundation was stronger than it actually is.

The alternative is the extreme opposite, that you are too insecure, and that your foundation is actually stronger than you think. In this sense the message is, insecurity will ruin your relationship if you do not have faith in the outcome. Sometimes quicksand in dream is a message that we are about to take the wrong route. If you see quicksand in a dream where you made a choice, and then found yourself in quicksand, the message is to follow your intuition.

If one path in your life seems scarier or weirder than it should, there is a reason for that. This is also a very common dream scenario, choosing paths and then finding yourself in quicksand. Examine the areas of your life where decisions are present when you experience this dream, and always follow your intuition, not your insecurities if quicksand appears in your dream.

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