Race Dream Meaning

If you are dreaming about a race, there is a very good chance that the spirit of competition is in your life, or will be very soon. If this energy is passing out of your life, dreaming of a race is a day residue of that dream, a residue of a memory you have already created and stored in your subconscious. The symbol of a race in a dream is not always about athletic competition, it could be symbolizing any kind of competition in your life. Are you up for a big job promotion? Are you working on a career change? Do you feel like you are competing for your lover?

Another meaning to dreaming about a race is that you are focusing too much on the spirit of competition. You may need to slow down your current pace and focus on the details around you, those are the things that really matter in life. Dreaming of winning a race symbolizes a win appearing in your near future, and you want to pay attention to as many details here as you can. Is this a win at all cost? Or are you winning fair and square?

A loss may indicate a potential loss in your future, but it could also mean that you are putting your energies in the wrong project or partnership right now as well. Remember that every detail in the dream is significant, so if something such as a loss is presented, know you were shown that for a reason and this may be something you can avoid if you recall the dream accurately.

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