Radio Dream Meaning

Millions of people have reported hearing radio like sounds in their dreams, in the manner that they are listening to the radio at a certain point in their dream, or hear things that sound like radio waves and frequencies. This is a very common reporting because hearing this in your dream signifies your subconscious connecting to a higher frequency that is sharp enough to embody radio waves in your dream content.

If you recall hearing a radio in your dream, work on recalling as many details of that dream as you can, as this point in your dream is a point where you are tapping into a higher vibration and frequency that is sending you very powerful messages. Hearing radios in your dream can also symbolizing that you are awakening your intuition and heightening your awareness in your waking life. If for example you have been doing some psychic work and hear a radio in your dream you are probably being validated that the work you are doing is heading you in the right direction. ESP and telepathic communication may be a part of your life as well when you hear radio frequencies in your dream.

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