Rainbow Dream Meaning

Seeing a rainbow at any time, either in your waking life or in your dream world is always a wonderful thing. And it means the same thing in both places. A rainbow is a universal symbol of hope, luck, fortune, and wishes coming true. They also represent bridges from one place to another, and represent to you a turning point in your life where you will find yourself with a pot of gold at the end. If there are relationship troubles plaguing you, these will come to an end. There is always a message of “keep on keeping on” when you see a rainbow in your dreams, or in your waking life.

There may be some rain to contend with still, however your calm and your joy after the storm is most certainly on its way to you. If the rainbow is all white, this is a very special rainbow indeed. These look the same as regular rainbows, but they are only one colour, all white, and radiate like an arc beam of light bowing across the sky. They are stunning. In the dream world they represent a connection with your guides and angels coming directly to you with the message that love, joy, and ultimate and unconditional happiness will be on its way to you very soon. If a specific object in your dream is rainbow coloured, and not an actual rainbow, pay attention to that object as well. You are being told that you need to look at that thing, or that situation, in a different light in order for things to turn out well.

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