Recurring Dream Dream Meaning

If you are experiencing a recurring dream, the best approach for interpretation is to write down as much of it as you can. Each symbol in that dream will mean something different, so you want to put as much on paper to interpret each symbol on its own as you can. The ultimate message from a recurring dream however is the message of unresolved issues. This could even be an issue from a past life, which is why it is so important to get as many details down as you can. Usually recurring dreams do not make sense.

If you have experienced trauma this would be one exception, as traumatic dreams will be recurring for individuals suffering trauma until they are able to get counselling and treatment to overcome this trauma. If there is no obvious link to trauma however, a recurring dream is pointing you in the direction of an unresolved issue. What are those unresolved issues? We like to pretend they do not exist in our waking life, but if you keep dreaming about them, the message is, the dream will not go away until you take care of that business.

You may have some emotional messages that you need to give in your waking life, you may have some unhealthy habits that need to be broken, or you may simply have some unfinished business that you need to attend to. The more details you get down on paper, and the more time you commit to understanding this dream, the sooner this recurring dream will come to an end.

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