Rescue Dream Meaning

The notion of rescue in a dream is another very popular dream symbol. Many people have found themselves being rescued in a dream, or rescuing someone themselves. Another form of rescue appearing in a dream is the need to be rescued. Some dreams contain a dire situation and the dreamer waiting to be rescued. The nature of the rescue in your dream can be used as a metaphor to apply to your daily life.

Are you with your partner and in a situation where you need to be rescued? You may be looking for a way out of this relationship in your waking life. Are you the one that rescues someone else? This symbol might mean then that your love life is about to change, and for the better. It could also mean that your current partner thinks the world of you and considers you their hero.

The emotional feelings that you experience in a dream where rescue is concerned are very important to recognize and acknowledge. The emotions that have you feeling relief and optimism are the ones you will need to follow in your waking life. The ones that have you feeling scared or in an emergency state are the ones you want to examine in your waking life as well.

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