Sabotage Dream Meaning

Seeing sabotage in a dream is much less ominous than it sounds, though its purpose is often to serve as a warning call and should not be ignored. Sabotage in a dream is simply a symbol that something in your waking life is being overlooked or ignored. It could be that someone is trying to sabotage you, so if you can, recall as many of the key figures in your dream as you can. It could also be that something you are doing in your waking life is inadvertently sabotaging something you don’t want to lose.

There is also an issue of anxiety and insecurity that you may want to examine if the symbol of sabotage is showing in your dream. You could simply be worried that everything you have worked for in your life could be ruined in a second, and worried for no reason. So when you see the symbol of sabotage in your dream, note as many details of the conflict as you can. When a symbol as powerful as this appears in your dream the message is always that you are the one in control of the ending, so use this information as wisely as you can.

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