Spirits Dream Meaning

A person presses their hands on a pane of glass from the beyond.

Similar Dreams: Ghosts, Death, Screaming, Near-Death Experience

Dreaming of seeing spirits often highlights a sense of comfort to help us through the transition of life and death.

The presence of spirits in a dream may show up during or after a time of bereavement or when we are going through drastic changes in our lives.

Whether the spirits are real or not in your dream depends on your own belief system or various individual circumstances. They may be from the spirit world or a manifestation of your subconscious, but in either case, they are always there to help you progress in your life.

Dreaming About Seeing Spirits

There are many reasons that we see spirits in a dream. The most common reason for seeing spirits is that you are being visited by one! Who the spirit is can be the most questionable part of this unique dream symbol.

Now, this doesn’t mean that a ghost is at the end of your bed, instead that someone who belongs in your heart is checking in on you. You may recognize who the spirit is in your dream if it is someone in your life that has passed on. The souls of pets that we have had in our lives can also visit us in our dreams.

If you do not know the person then this may be a premonition of the soul of someone who is about to enter your life, or it could be one of your spirit guides or angels.

This could also be a visit from your twin flame or soul connection.

Many people are fearful when they see a spirit in their dream, as they associate these experiences with ghosts and hauntings and things that have a negative connotation.

The truth is that if you feel you saw a spirit or soul in your dream, then you did, but there is nothing to be afraid of. You were simply being visited by energy that was associated with pure love, or you will be in the very near future!

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Dreaming About a Spirit Giving You a Message

If a message comes from the spirit and you do not know the person, then this may be your guides giving instructions, so pay attention!

If you receive a message from a spirit in your dream then it is important to pay attention to the message itself. It could be a warning or a crucial piece of advice. It could be of a prophetic nature and highlighting something about the future to you.

Dreaming About Negative Spirits

If the spirits in your dream are negative and behaving in a way that frightens you, it could be a manifestation of your fears or insecurities in waking life that is forming in your dreaming world.

This type of dream can also mean the presence of negative spirits. While sleeping we are at our most sensitive and open to the spirit world. It is while we are asleep that negative entities are able to affect us most powerfully. It is best not to feed the entity by giving it attention or letting yourself be afraid of it, as it feeds off fear.

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