Storm Dream Meaning

A storm in your dream is the same symbol that a storm in waking life represents. There will be trouble in the forecast at some point. What part of your life is the storm entering is the question you want to ask yourself when a storm crops up in your dream. There may be a large unsettling event in your near future, the length and duration and effects of the storm in your dream will help you understand how bad this event will be.

A storm appearing in your dream can also represent your emotional life, especially if the storm is a very rainy and watery one. The storm could be symbolizing a number of pent up emotions that you may need to contend with in your waking life. If spirituality has been an important part of your life recently, the storm could be signifying tremendous blessings on their way to you as your calm in life after the storm. It is important to note how you handle the storm in your dream if you are able to, as this will also symbolize you being able to weather through whatever difficulties may be on their way to you.

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