Tarot Cards Dream Meaning

Tarot cards are symbols in themselves, so if you see one or many in your dream, you are getting many symbols at once. First is the symbol of the tarot cards, and next are the symbols on the tarot cards. Try to remember which tarot cards you saw in your dream if you can, as those symbols will be very powerful to you in terms of making decisions regarding the situation in the dream. But if you can’t, identify as many feelings as you can from your dream, the good ones and the bad ones.

Which direction in your life are your feelings taking you? Dreaming of tarot cards can also be simply that it might be a good idea to get a tarot reading done on a situation that is perplexing you. This might give you some clarity and vision on how to move forward. If you are already very intuitive by nature and exploring alternative theories and therapies, this symbol appearing in your dream may be a suggestion to explore this powerful deck of symbols.

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