Teeth Dream Meaning

Dreaming about teeth is a very common experience, with the most common tooth dream being the dream where we feel like our teeth are falling out. In many cases we catch the teeth in our hands, and in some cases we have a feeling in our dream where we have no teeth at all. There are multiple interpretations for this common dream symbol, with the most common interpretation being the teeth are a symbol of your overall state of security.

If you are feeling insecure in a situation for example, such as work or in love, you may dream that your teeth are falling out because you feel like you are losing face in this relationship or job. You may feel like in your waking life like you have no control over the situation, and that it is literally slipping away from you.

You also may be feeling insecure about how you come across in the real world, and the condition of your teeth in your dream might be a reflection of this feeling. In most cases dreaming of teeth is simply a warning or a little red flag that your situation is actually much stronger than you might think, and that your insecurities are unfounded.

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