Travel Dream Meaning

If you are dreaming of travel, there are many possible interpretations for this. You may need to make a little change in your life, or simply get up and go somewhere to get out of a current rut. You could be feeling very restless in your current waking life and have been looking for a change. Dream of travel then would give you some ideas on where to start, or how to ignite change in your life.

A travel dream could be a literal premonition, if you are about to travel or go on a trip, this dream could simply be validating that for you, or letting you know in advance. It is also important information if you are travelling alone or with someone. If you are travelling alone and currently in a relationship, you may be moving out of this relationship soon, or your dream could be hinting this as a good idea.

If you are travelling with someone and are currently single, chances are that relationship status of yours will change in the near future. Travel generically is a signal that change is needed in your life. Other details in your dream if you are able to recall them will help you identify where that change is needed.

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