Umbrella Dream Meaning

An umbrella in our waking life represents shelter from the elements, and in the dream world this applies as well. What is the umbrella sheltering you from in your dream? Or is the umbrella closed, and being unused. When you are seeing an umbrella in your dream, your subconscious is trying to tell you that you have more tools at your disposal than you think when it comes to sheltering the storms of life. What feelings are associated with the umbrella in your dream? Are you feeling sadness or are you feeling relief and joy?

If sadness is the association in the dream, the storm is in its present state or in the very near future, but the umbrella is your shelter from this storm. If joy is the feeling in your dream, or relief with the umbrella, then the storm is now passing and your rainbow will soon be upon you. Until then you are protected by your subconscious, and by the Higher Powers. If there are other people with you when an umbrella appears in your dream, then it is very likely that relying on those people within your waking life will help to keep you sheltered from life’s storms.

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