Unemployed Dream Meaning

A person is holding their stuff that was on their desk in a box because they are now unemployed.

Similar Dreams: Office, Home, Keys

The feeling of unemployment is associated with many other feelings, most of them unpleasant. These are feelings of fear, insecurity, loss, stress, and anxiety over the unknown.

So when the notion of unemployment crops up in a dream, these feelings are likely to crop up as well.

This symbol appearing in your dream could signify that an ending is on its way in your life, and the literal translation could be work.

Unemployment Dreams as Premonitions

You could be getting a premonition that you have grown out of your current position and it is time to start looking elsewhere. Even if you don’t think you are going to be let go, the simple message could be: it will not hurt to look elsewhere to see if someone out there is interested in paying you more, or there is something else more enjoyable for you.

If you see this symbol in your dream and your work life is exactly where you want it to be, you may want to look at other interpretations.

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Unemployment Dreams & Relationships

Sometimes a dream about unemployment has nothing to do with work. It could be highlighting other areas of your life.

Are there relationships in your life that could use a performance review?

Are you the one that needs a performance review?

A positive feeling associated with the feeling of unemployment is freedom. So if unemployment is cropping up in your dream it may be that you will soon be liberated from a situation that is preventing you from growing to your fullest potential.

Dreaming About Being Fired/Let Go

If you dream you are actually being fired then it could signify insecurities or inadequacies you feel at work and that you may feel you are not given the respect you deserve by your boss or colleagues.

This dream can signify feelings of inadequacy in other areas of life too. You may have grown children and feel they don’t need you as much anymore, or you may feel that your partner no longer appreciates you. You may feel that your creative talents are no longer being appreciated.

Whatever the dream is highlighting it points towards not feeling wanted or good enough in some way.

The dream encourages you to find a way to end this feeling of insecurity. Introducing new thought patterns or interests in your life can be a way to help you with this.

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