Unknown Dream Meaning

Many people say they don’t experience the unknown in their dreams, as it all feels unknown to them. The truth is, our dreams are far more normal and known to us than we think, if we only just take the time to look at them and see this for ourselves. Most of the symbols in our dreams can be related back to something that is known and that does make sense to us. But once in a while a symbol will crop up that keeps us thinking all day long. This is the unknown symbol that, when you are describing your dream makes you say things like, “it was in this house that I’d never been to before” or, “I was with this person that I had never met before”. This unknown place or person in your dream is very important, but what does it mean? What is the known part of this unknown?

Most dream experts would say this unknown is within you, and you have more access to this answer than you think. This unknown thing that shows up in your dream is an unknown part of you or of your life that is hidden from you right now, but is easily accessed. If for example an unknown person appears in your dream, there is a very good chance that the traits this person expresses in your dream are traits within you that you may want to express in your daily life. Unknown places in our dreams also offer a strong past life connection. If you find you are moving from many unknown places in a dream it is probable that you are moving between your lifetimes in your dream state.

In some cases you may find yourself in a place from one lifetime with a person from this lifetime, and that is often an indication that this unknown person and place is a soul connection that has travelled with you frequently. Ultimately the interpretation of the unknown variable in your dream is specific to you, but it often does not actually represent something unknown, but something that you have forgotten, and your subconscious is just retrieving that information for you, such as a memory from a past lifetime.

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