Vaccination Dream Meaning

A vaccination in our waking life is a medical immunization that we receive in order to protect ourselves against something that could harm or even kill us. If a vaccination appears in your dream life, you may be looking for a way to immunize yourself against someone, or a situation in your life. An alternative message could be that you need immunization against a potentially toxic person or place in your waking life, and additional details in your dream recall will help you to determine what those specific things are.

You want to pay attention to the particular feelings that you experience that are associated with the vaccination, are you relieved or is this causing you pain? As well, if it is not you being vaccinated in your dream you may be given a message that someone around you needs protection from something. They may just need your extra eye on them. The more people that appear in your dream that includes a vaccination, the more people are involved in this particular situation where immunity is required.

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