Valley Dream Meaning

From a Freudian interpretation, the symbol of a valley in your dream is another dream symbol with a sexual connotation. Contemporary theories are not that much different than Freud’s. Many interpretations of this symbol suggest that a valley represents bridges and journeys in your sexual life, and could also represent fertility matters as well. A valley in some cases represents a metaphor for death, and this means a death of an experience, a death of a part of your life, a death of a relationship, or the passing of a person in your life, but this is very rare.

With the death comes rebirth, and this is why intimacy and fertility are strongly associated with the dream symbol of valleys. A valley can also just signify a transitional period in your life. You are in the process of change, and on your way to your destination. If in your dream you are looking out over the valley, the message is that you have overcome some difficulties in your life and are appreciating the results of your efforts.

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