Valley Dream Meaning

A valley between two mountains.

Similar Dreams: Quarry, Garden, Earth, Forest

Dreaming of a valley or any type of landscape is deeply rooted in our innermost desires. Freudian interpretation suggests that the symbol of a valley has a sexual connotation and contemporary theories are not that much different than Freud’s.

Modern interpretations suggest that a valley represents bridges and journeys in intimacy and renewal, which is why the sexual theme of fertility appears as well.

Escape and creation are at the forefront when we dream of an expansive field or meadow in a valley, every rock and tree is important to the interpretation.

Dreaming About Laying in A Valley

A valley in some cases represents a metaphor for death and rebirth. When you are laying in a field in a dream, this shows this means that the death of an experience, a part of your life, or a relationship is on the horizon. Rebirth comes from the themes of intimacy and fertility are strongly associated with the dream symbol of valleys.

This peaceful dream is not negative though, because after this comes rebirth. What is coming next may be outlined in the details of your dreams and may come to you in the simplest form, like the color of the flowers around you or the landscape in the distance.

If instead of laying down you are sitting or having a picnic, this could indicate a resistance to the change or rebirth in your life. These two details related to themes of comfortability, security, and tradition - all of which clash with the concept of rebirth.

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Dreaming of Running Through/Traveling to a Valley

A valley can signify a transitional period in your life, so when we are running, flying, or biking through one in a dream, this shows that we are moving through this part of our life and onto the next.

If the valley is between two mountains, this can indicate two eras of your life colliding, meaning that tension could be on the horizon.

You are in the process of change, and on your way to your destination.

Dreaming of Looking at a Valley

If in your dream you are looking out over the valley or you discover one on a journey, the message is that you have overcome some difficulties in your life and are appreciating the results of your efforts.

As you look out at the valley, also make a note to be on the lookout for positive changes in your waking life.

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