Voyeurism Dream Meaning

Voyeurism is a latent fantasy that some dream analysis experts believe every human has. If you are dreaming about voyeurism, you may simply be given the suggestion from your subconscious that you have some latent fantasies that are worth exploring. There may also be a situation in your life that you need to pay closer attention to. So if you see voyeurism in your dream in a peculiar situation, like at work for example, you may want to play the role of observer in your waking life a little bit more. It could be that observing will give you more answers than doing.

If someone else is the voyeur in your dream, pay attention to as many details surrounding this person as you can. The message could be that someone is watching you from afar, and their intentions will be revealed in those details. It could be a work higher up that is watching you and considering elevating your status, it could be a secret admirer who is about to make a move, or it could also be someone watching you to plot something against you and is looking for the perfect time. In this case the dream symbol is a warning. So if something doesn’t feel right when you experience this in your dream, follow those clues. If it feels fun and exciting, follow that too!

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