Wagon Dream Meaning

A wagon in our waking life symbolizes an object that takes on loads and transports them from one place to the next. In our dream life the symbol generally means the same thing. So if you see a wagon in your dream, the details that are around that wagon or in that experience will be very revealing about the complete interpretation. You may have some burdens in your waking life that you are looking to unload. If the wagon is covered it could be that you don’t know this yet, and these burdens are on their way to you.

If there are issues of substance abuse in your life, the wagon may represent the metaphorical “falling off of the wagon”. A broken wagon in some circles represents a broken promise, so if you see this in your dream you may want to identify any other people present in your dream. If the wagon in your dream is red, this is a childhood symbol and this symbol is coming to your dream to remind you of the joy and lightheartedness of childhood.

You may simply need to try and relax and have a little more fun in your life, or perhaps a childhood item can provide some nostalgia and clarity on a current situation in your life. If the wagon in your dream is abandoned, empty, or alone, this could symbolize a certain level of dissatisfaction in your life, or an upcoming loss or period of alone.

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