Waiting Dream Meaning

Waiting is a very common dream symbol and one that often leaves the dreamer feeling confused. What is the waiting in a dream all about? If waiting is a pervasive issue or feeling in a dream, one interpretation is that you are dealing with power and control issues in your waking life. You may have recently surrendered control to someone, or are about to.

Waiting in a dream can also suggest dependence issues, particularly in regards to a primary relationship. Is it possible that you are a little too needy in your relationships in your waking life, or maybe even not needy enough? Patience is often the message that you need to hear if you see waiting in your dream world, as the universe and your subconscious is asking you to wait for perfect timing.

This symbol may also be about lowering expectations. If you feel you have been waiting too long for something, it could be because what you are waiting for is unrealistic. If you are keeping someone else waiting in your dream, the message is that you are not taking other people’s needs into consideration, and may want to pay more attention in your waking life about whose needs are being overlooked.

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