Water Dream Meaning

Water is deeply symbolic across many cultures and religions, and is one of the 4 key elements of the Earth. No matter what culture or experience you engage in that uses Water as a symbol, it almost always means the same thing. If you see water in your dreams, your emotions are front and center the focus of the dream, as water always signifies our emotional undercurrents.

The Water Signs in the zodiac, Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer, are the most emotional signs of the zodiac, and this makes them also the most intuitive signs of the zodiac for this reason. They rely on their feelings to read people, and it works very well for them. A person who is a Water Sign then may be involved in your life if water appears in your dream. You may also be exploring the psychic world and your own intuitive realm if you see water in your dream. If the water in your dream is turbulent, you may be going through an emotional experience right now.

See if you can find the solutions and rescue in your dream content that will help you get out of this situation. If you are perplexed about a problem and water is shown to you in your dream, an escape to where there is water may help you get some clarity. A beach getaway, or even a long bath may be all you need to reboot your emotional centre to its upright position.

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